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Swimming Pools and “Fools Pools” Swim School





The pool is open for casual swimming during opening hours, and outside of Swim School hours.


** Note that we have a cleaning window 8.30am to 9.30am Mon to Fri.  Please arrange to swim outside of these times.


Swim School

Casual Swimming Hours during Term 1 2024,

5 Feb to 13 April


***All swimmers must wear swimming caps***


Main Pool


** We have a cleaning window from 8.30am to 9.30am on weekdays ** 



5am – 3pm  


5am – 3pm  


5am – 3pm  


5am – 3pm  


5am – 8pm    


5am – 8am, 12.30pm – 8pm  (Swim School 8am to 12.45pm)


7am – 8pm EXCEPT Surf club as follows:

Mar 17 and Mar 24 from 8am – 9am


Note: On public holidays, Sunday opening hours are


Note: We typically run Swim School on public holidays


Small Pool

Mon, Tue

10am – 3pm

Wed, Thur

10am – 2pm


10am – 5pm


1pm – 5pm


10am – 5pm




Private Swimming Lessons

Private swimming lessons are a great way to improve your swimming quickly.  There are huge benefits in having an experienced swimming coach work with you on a one on one basis.  The coach will be able to concentrate on your technique to improve your effectiveness and efficiency in the water, making your swimming far more effortless and       enjoyable.

We offer one on one, or two on one, private swimming lessons, for swimmers at all levels.


Please contact us to make a booking:


Casual Swimming


•            All swimmers must wear a swimming cap

·              Please put all gear back where you found it and notify us if anything is broken or needs repairing

·              Winter time: Close all windows and doors when leaving the pool, and turn off


•            Summer time: If using the small pool please cover it after use to keep it warm

•            Take all rubbish away with you


Casual Swimming Charges

  $10 per person casual rate

  1 child under 5 swims free with each full paying adult


  Special casual rate of $6 for anyone booked into swimming in the current term


  Family Casual swim pass:  $30 for up to 4 people within the same immediate   family, i.e. parents and siblings), additional family members $10 each


  Please contact us if you would like to pay via internet banking:  



Monthly Casual Swimming Charges

  $100 per adult

  $50 per school aged child

  $200 per family (2 adults, 2 school aged children)


Swimming during the holidays

***All swimmers must wear swimming caps***


During the school holidays the main pool is open for general public swimming during daylight hours (8pm latest). 

The small pool is open from 10am until 5pm daily (from Oct to April). 


A Bit About Fools Pools


After two successful terms 2009 Term 4 and 2010 Term 1 running outdoors, “Fools Pools” Swim School re-opened in July 2010 with the main pool under cover inside a state of the art, European designed enclosure.  The enclosure is fully insulated, as well as being fully retractable, allowing the pool to be either indoor or outdoor depending on the season.  These types of enclosures are used in Europe in snow conditions, so are more than adequate for NZ conditions! 


Fools Pools Swim School is a registered Quality Swim School with Swimming NZ.  All our teachers go through training with Swimming NZ or a similar education provider, as well as induction training at Fools Pools.  We aim to provide a swimming environment that is both supportive and encouraging for our students, where achievable challenges are set so that students gain a real sense of achievement from their efforts.  Our mission is to continue to raise the level of swimming competency in the Muriwai community and surrounding areas.


We encourage you to use this facility, and to respect it!  We believe that everyone has the right to learn to swim and to enjoy the water.  Use it for your own fitness, strength and rehabilitation programs. Come to swimming lessons here if you would like to learn to swim or to increase your skill in the water, or just enjoy the pools for your own peace of mind and wellbeing.  This facility is also an ACC registered vendor for hydro-therapy (water rehabilitation programs), so get a referral from your doctor or physiotherapist if you require water rehabilitation services covered by ACC.     


Since Oct 2014 we have been running our main pool using Enviroswim technology.  It’s really like swimming in pure tap water – fantastic for your health, swimming togs last longer, and it feels amazing! 

“It provides the best user experience and is a healthy, clean and pure way to bathe and relax. Opposed to traditional chlorine pools it does not attack the skin, worsen allergies, cause asthma or rot pool clothing, and it is also gentler on the

pool's shell and surrounding landscape. It also ticks all the environmental boxes by reducing chemical usage, consuming less power and enabling the recycling of pool water and backwash without dilution.”

More information on Enviroswim can be found here: Enviroswim Information


Pool Information

  Main pool: Indoor/outdoor heated pool.  25m, 3 lanes, depth of 1.2 - 2m 

  Small pool: Outdoor pool heated to 30C, 9mx3m, depth of 0.9m – 1.2  


We have now switched to an Enviroswim system in the main pool.  It is like swimming in pure tap water.  More information on Enviroswim here:

Enviroswim Information

The main pool is heated via heat pumps. 

The small pool has a salt water chlorinator installed, and is heated via a heat pump.



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